What exactly is a Smart Farm for shrimp farming?

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Smart Farms is a game-changer sweeping the globe and transforming how we manage our farms. Smart Farming involves using cutting-edge technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), robotics, drones, and artificial intelligence (AI) to boost productivity and enhance product quality. Plus, it makes managing manpower a breeze.

Smart Farming harnesses technology to benefit both agriculture and aquaculture. Especially the complexity of shrimp farming. This AgTech will make life easier for farm owners and farm workers. Thanks to these solutions, help tackle various issues on the go and reduce the time spent on farm management.

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT is making its mark globally, giving rise to various smart products like smartphones, smartwatches, and even smart bike locks. It’s a technology that’s elevating agriculture to a whole new level. 


IoT comprises sensors that connect and transmit data via the internet, allowing companies to access and compile valuable information, creating a treasure trove of data for their businesses. By 2025, it’s estimated that over 75 billion products will be utilizing IoT systems.

How do leading global companies use IoT systems?

Alibaba is investing a massive 10,000 million yuan (approximately 1.3 million USD) to enhance its smart voice technology called “Genie” for use on its website and other platforms. 

Michelin, a renowned tire manufacturer, employs IoT to enhance transportation management processes, providing real-time tracking of marine transportation to improve customer satisfaction. 

Starbucks utilizes AI and IoT with loyalty cards to gather and manage customer data, allowing for more personalized and efficient customer service.

IoT Benefits for Shrimp Farming in Smart Farms 

Risk Reduction: Shrimp farmers can monitor dissolved oxygen (DO) levels, pH, temperature in the shrimp pond, and more in real-time, with 24-hour access to data. Instant alerts when the defined parameters below-specified threshold, enable farmers to take corrective actions promptly. 


Convenience: Farmers can easily control the operations of their shrimp farms via a user-friendly app, regardless of their location. The app provides 24/7 notifications and allows them to manage water pumps, feeders, and aerators. 
Cost Savings: Farmers can adjust the dissolved oxygen levels to suit specific shrimp breeds, such as Vannamei shrimp, Monodon, etc. Automating the aerators based on oxygen levels helps conserve electricity by minimizing unnecessary aeration usage, thereby reducing labor costs. The farm owner can view water quality data 24/7 through the app. 


Increased Productivity: Farmers can utilize the recorded data to make informed decisions in managing their farms, such as adjusting shrimp feeding schedules or altering aeration. This data-driven approach helps plan for the next shrimp cycle. 


Enhanced Precision and Convenience in Water Quality Monitoring 24/7: The Smart Farm Management System for shrimp farming from HydroNeo comes with various sensors. 
Users can monitor real-time values and check water quality from anywhere, anytime via a mobile app. 

The rise of Smart Farm is revolutionizing shrimp farming, empowering the shrimp farmers with valuable data and full control over their farms. It's an exciting journey towards a more efficient and sustainable future for the shrimp industry. 

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