Smart Shrimp Farm

Bringing The Future to Shrimp Farming with IoT Technology

Smart Farm Management System
For Shrimp Farming

Monitor and control your shrimp farm for higher productivity and less risk with aqua IoT technology

Water Quality Monitoring

Reduce your risk through constant water quality monitoring and alarms for better control over water conditions

Smart Aeration

Decrease your energy costs by up to 50% through smart automation of aeration

Smart Farm Management

All information in one place. Understand your pond conditions and know when to react with the advantage of IoT technology for shrimp farming "Look your staff over the shoulder" - manage people by data.

Remote Monitoring

Control and automate the equipment in your farm 24/7 comfortable through your mobile phone

Better Farm Performance

Compare your current shrimp farm performance to the previous data and the industry standards. Get insights on how to maximize profit through analytics.

Smart Shrimp Farm

Easy Integration onto Existing Farm

  • One HydroNeo Controller per four ponds
  • Easy plug-in of electric components
Smart Shrimp Farm

Systematic Monitoring of Water Quality

  • Real-time measurements of water quality parameters: DO, Temperature, pH, energy consumption
  • Alarms and notifications via mobile phone
Smart Shrimp Farm

Aerator Control

  • Automation based on cloud-based smart water quality algorithms
  • Manual control over mobile app
Smart Shrimp Farm

Integration of Additional Infrastructure

  • Fresh- and sludge water pumps or other electric components
  • Manual control via app or automation via schedules
Smart Shrimp Farm

Data Management

  • Secure data management on cloud-based system
Smart Shrimp Farm

Decision Support System

  • Analyses of past data and simulations
  • Decision support for optimization of individual situation
Smart Shrimp Farm

Technical Requirements

  • Several methods for internet connection for usability in all geographic areas (wifi, cellular network)
  • Android and iOS mobile app, as well as web interface

Our product

Get your smart farm management system today! Starting from net THB 70,000*

For more detail, see our product flyer

Get in contact with us today and benefit from:

  • one month money-back guarantee from date of installation
  • Free delivery and installation support by HydroNeo at your farm

Who we are?

HydroNeo is an award-winning German high-tech company and the trusted partner of shrimp farmers worldwide by providing state of the art technology and tailor made solutions for their needs. The team behind HydroNeo strongly believes in the power of technology to unite the need for optimized aquaculture production and more sustainability – and at the same time affordability of the solution.

HydroNeo offers a user-friendly and comprehensive IoT-based Smart Farm Management System giving solutions to increase shrimp farming efficiency through digitalization and automation. Our system monitors water quality and automates farm operations through a cloud-based system for substantially lower production costs, higher productivity, and risk management. At the same time, the sustainability of shrimp farming is increased to create value for the customer and the environment

Smart Shrimp Farm
Smart Shrimp Farm

Our vision

We at HydroNeo believe that it is time to bring the future to shrimp farmers worldwide.

Our comprehensive Smart Farm Management System will change the way shrimp farming has been done in the past and will tackle some of the biggest challenges the industry is facing through our aquaculture monitoring and automation system.

We see ourselves as the trusted partner of shrimp farmers by providing state of the art technology and offering one-stop solutions while creating value for customers and the environment.


“I am still amazed by the huge jump I made in efficiency and control over my operations through HydroNeo’s smart farm system.”

farm owner

Smart Shrimp Farm

Company News

HydroNeo announces Financial Director

HydroNeo, the award-winning German-Thai start-up offering innovative Smart Farming Solutions for aquaculture farms, today announced the appointment of Oliver Becker as Financial Director effective of January 1, 2021. 

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January 2021

Meet the new functions of HydroNeo Smart Farm Management System

Meet your needs better, more flexibility and with more value!

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Space-F Demo Day

HydroNeo joined Space-F as Batch I

HydroNeo has successfully joined as Space F Batch l Incubation Program in 2019.

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March 2020

Smart Shrimp Farm

is an award-winning Startup

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Smart Shrimp Farm





Smart Shrimp Farm

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