Smart water monitoring
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Water Monitoring and Automation: Increase productivity and sustainability, while saving energy in aquaculture farms, factories, and wastewater treatment







Higher Productivity
  • Ensure optimal 24/7 pond conditions through real-time water monitoring to promote the health and strength of your shrimp and fish
  • Adjust feeding, harvesting, and practices as needed

Higher Efficiency

  • Data-driven insights for optimizing processes
  • Streamlined operations and resource management
  • Analytics tools for better decision making

Risk Reduction

  • Ensure 24/7 real-time monitoring of water conditions with alerts sent to you mobile phone​
  • Minimize risks of oxygen depletion, pH fluctuations, and other water parameter changes ​
  • Reduce disease outbreaks through stronger and healthier animals due to less water quality induced stress​

Cost Saving

  • Save up to 50% on energy costs through smart automation of aeration based on real-time sensor data​
  • Reduce labour-intensive test schedules through 24/7 remote systems​

Integration of
Additional Infrastructure

  • Connect and control any electric equipment, e.g. freshwater and sludge pumps, aerators​
  • Integrate CCTV streams into the App​
  • Manually control or automate based on sensor readings, schedules, and many more rules ​

More Sustainability​

  • Reduce your operation’s environmental impact​
  • Position your company as a leader in sustainability in your industry​
  • Plan for long-term success by ensuring sustainable resource management and resilience in the face of evolving market dynamics​

Water Monitoring and Automation

Water Monitoring

Optimal Pond Conditions with 24/7 Monitoring

Ensure optimal 24/7 pond conditions through real-time water monitoring to promote the health and strength of your shrimp and fish

Water Monitoring
Water Monitoring

Analytics & Recommendation

data-driven insights

Utilize data-driven insights to streamline operations, optimize farming processes  and enhance resource management through analytics tools, enabling better decision-making. With HydroNeo technology,  go beyond traditional methods of water monitoring.


Seamless Control, Maximum Savings, and increased sustainability 

Real-time water monitoring provides prompt alerts to your mobile device, along with automated control of essential equipment, including water pumps, aerators, and more, for seamless control, maximum savings, and increased sustainability

Automated control


Water Monitoring

“The HydroNeo system acts almost as an insurance as it monitors the water quality like DO and pH 24/7 and alerts me via notification to my phone. This gives me more peace of mind and my shrimp grow well.”

Yuu from Trang, Thailand

Water Monitoring

“I’ve paid around 1,200 USD per month for
my electricity bill but after installing the
HydroNeo system, it is reduced to 780 USD.
Such a great investment!”

Vikrom from Chantaburi, Thailand

Water Monitoring

“At first I needed the digital tools to help
with farm management.
Then I found out how much energy costs I
can save from turning the aerators on and
off according to the oxygen measurement.
Through this, I can save 170 USD per rai in
my electricity bill per month.”


Bom from Nakorn Pathom, Thailand

Water Monitoring

“I am still amazed how easy it is to use the
HydroNeo system and use it to operate my
farm more efficiently.”

Seng from Samut Sakorn, Thailand

Water Monitoring

“When the shrimps molt, it’s crucial to
keep the oxygen level above 6 ppm.
Maintaining oxygen levels is very easy
and extremely convenient with HydroNeo’s
Smart Farm Management System.”


Wutt from Samutsakorn, Thailand

Water Monitoring

“I monitor the oxygen value 24/7 and use the automation feature for the aerator motors.
I’ve used HydroNeo system for 2 years now and my electricity bill reduced
from 850 USD per month to approx. 490 USD per month per pond!”

Noppadol from Chumpon, Thailand

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Water Monitoring

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Company News

UOB award

The HydroNeo team is extremely proud to be awarded with the UOB’s FinLab Greentech Award and to have been chosen as one of the GreenTech companies for the FinLab Greentech Accelerator Program.

It has been an amazing journey over the last 3 months, we have had a great opportunity to connect and share our visions and discuss with more than 150 experts, mentors, and other innovative companies about Carbon Management, Energy Efficiency, and Zero Waste and hope to contribute our part for the progress to net zero and a sustainable future!

Thank you UOB The FinLab!


HydroNeo Thailand won the public tender of the renown Chanthaburi Shrimp Farmers’ Association to provide Smart Farming Solutions to their members

It is our pride and great honor for having been selected by the Chanthaburi Shrimp Group to supply its members with twenty of our Internet of Things-based Smart Farm Management Systems. The project was supported by the Thai government who supported a generous subsidy to the shrimp farmers, aiming to help the adoption of innovation by using advanced technology to help improve farm production. We appreciate the trust this leading Shrimp Association has put into us and are looking forward to a long and successful partnership!

HydroNeo announces Financial Director

HydroNeo, the award-winning German-Thai start-up offering innovative Smart Farming Solutions for aquaculture farms, today announced the appointment of Oliver Becker as Financial Director effective of January 1, 2021. 

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January 2021

Space-F Demo Day

HydroNeo joined Space-F as Batch I

HydroNeo has successfully joined as Space F Batch l Incubation Program in 2019.

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March 2020

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